Thursday 12 December 2019

Colour belts grading test in Argos city - March 2013


On March 16, 2013, the regular grading test for color belts has taken place in "Yoshukan" branch of Argos city.

The examiner George Pelekis along with the dojo instructor Vasilis Samaras evaluated the technical level of the students that belong to the branch, according to the high level standards that are kept in each grading period.


The majority of the students examined has satisfied with its proficiency, and has been able to be promoted in the next level.


The students promoted were:

1st Κyu (brown belt)

Dima Fani

2nd Κyu (brown belt)

Patouras Panagiotis

3rd Κyu (brown belt)

Keramida Giolanda
Serjani Vasiliki
Giannikou Dorianna
Haratzouli Panagiotis
Papanikolaou Dimitrios

4th Κyu (purple belt)
Spanos Nikolaos
Pontikis Georgios Anastasios

5th Κyu (blue belt)

Stavrou Taxiarhis
Hatzara Elena
Sava Alexandros Gabriel
Sava Konstantinos Alin
Syregelas Epaminondas
Kogos Vasilios Emmanouel
Skliris Aristidis
Merkviladze Alexandre
Papanikolaou Petros
Varelas Ioannis
Vlahos Anastasios
Tziafas Agelos
Golfinopoulos Konstantinos
Roubos Linos Ioannis
Dialiatsis Ioannis

6th Κyu (green belt)

Milia Terzi Chrisanthi
Tarnavas Charilaos
Ketzetzis Konstantinos

7th Κyu (orange belt)

Milia Terzi Panagoula
Tziafa Dimitra
Golfinopoulou Dimitra
Tarantilis Vasilios
Koligliatis Andreas

8th Κyu (yellow belt)
Marketou Chrisanthi
Karagiannis Christos
Panagopoulos Athanasios
Symeon Dimitrios
Lagios Dimitrios
Kostopoulos Dimitrios
Bilionis Christos
Koligliatis Andreas
Dimakopoulos Athanasios
Bibis Panagiotis
Kakouros Antonis
Tsouknos Alexandros

9th Κyu (red belt)

Dokos Ioannis
Kapetaniou Maria
Kapetanios Panagiotis
Liapis Evagelos
Tourkadze Nikolaos



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