Friday 14 December 2018

Colour belts grading test in Athens - December 2009

Colour belts grading test has been realised in Yoshukan Honbu in Athens city on December 22 & 23, 2009. The test has been supervised by Sensei George Pelekis while guest was a J.K.F. Goju Kai examinator in Greece Sensei Dimitris Tsakatanis.












The students promoted in the next level were:

1st Kyu:
Anagnostatou Stefania

2nd Kyu:
Papadopoulos Iraklis

3rd Kyu:
Joca Erion
Karagiannis Michael

4th Kyu:
Mavrodontis Georgios
Mavrodonti Nickie
Gardikiotis Panagiotis
Daskaleros Georgios
Thomopoulos Spyridon

5th Kyu:
Tsitsipas Konstantinos
Vakondios Georgios
Litsos Agelos
Kakogianni Aktina

6th Kyu:
Varlamos Konstantinos
Chatzistyli Ilia
Moustakaki Maria
Sosari Alkis

7th Kyu:
Liatsios Georgios
Pelekis Ioannis
Piskopou Georgia
Pilo Konstantina
Piskopos Konstantinos

8th Kyu:
Karkanis Ioannis
Lambropoulos Ioannis
Saridi Melina

9th Kyu:
Notaras Vrettos
Muhammad Asif
Vasilopoulou Ageliki
Notara Vera
Koutroulakis Ioannis
Pilo Agelos
Siomos Valantis
Vasalos Theoharis
Giakalis Κonstantinos




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