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Sensei Kenyu Mabuni & Con Kassis seminar in Athens - January 2014

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The most historical seminar of Shito ryu Karate do that has ever been organized in Greece, has taken place on January 25 & 26, 2014 in Athens, location at Acharnes District under the written support of World Karate Federation (W.K.F.).
For the first time Sensei Kenyu Mabuni and Sensei Con Kassis, two of the most important teachers of the World Shito ryu Karate do Federation (W.S.K.F.) have conducted a seminar together.

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Sensei Kenyu Mabuni is the grandson of the founder of Shito ryu Kenwa Mabuni, son of the continuer (Soke) Kenei Mabuni and will be in his turn the next continuer (Fuku Soke) of the style.
It is important to note that it is the first time that a member of Mabuni family visits Greece.

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Sensei Con Kassis is a personal student of Soke Kenei Mabuni (97 years old) since 1987, he is former President of Referee Commision of World Karate Federation (W.K.F.) and in present member of Technical Commission and Competition Rules Commission of W.K.F. and Counselor of the World Shito ryu Karate do Federation.

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Both teachers came cheerfully answering the invitation made by George Pelekis, since he is representative of Kenei Mabuni in Greece and he has been granted the right to represent the Mabuni family dojo ″Yoshukan″, and he is also the official representative of World Shito ryu Federation.

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During their stay in Greece that lasted one week, they had been given a tour in archeological and touristic places, and they had conducted classes at the head dojo, to a group of selected students, being very satisfied by the technical level of the club since the teaching in general is according to the Japanese standards, concluding their visit with the two days seminar and farewell dinner.

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The seminar has been crowned with great success since the participation exceeded the 250 members not only from Shito ryu but other dojo teachers and students as well. All those who participated were very content by the knowledge, the teaching, the simplicity and the modesty of the two great teachers.

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Mutual were the feelings on the side of the guests, who experienced the interest and the thirst for learning from the participants, and happy for the positive climate that benefits the realization of a similar future seminar.

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This event signals the beginning of a new era for Shito ryu Karate do in Greece.

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