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Shihan Con Kassis seminar in Athens - July 2013

semianar kassis july2013

Due to the annual grading test for Black belts and Dan in "Yoshukan" Honbu Dojo, a "mini" technical seminar (due to summer vacation period), on July 6, 2013, in Shito ryu Karate Do, conducted by Shihan Con Kassis, personal student of Soke Kenei Mabuni and Vice president of World Shito ryu Karate do Federation.

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In the seminar that has been hosted in the facilities of institute "Nea Pedia" at Afea Skaramanga district, all level students participated and the topic for the junior group was, Shito ryu and kumite, while for the group of adults was kata "Matsumura Rohai" and its bunkai.

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Present has also been the instructor of Yoshukan branch of Argos city with a team of students, as well as the instructor of Eretria Karate club, Argiris Bakas.

After the end of the seminar the usual dinner in the honour of Sensei Kassis, has taken place by the participants of the seminar. 

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