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Kobudo seminar in Argos city - June 2013

kobudo argos june2013

A quite interesting kobudo seminar, its topic the traditional weapon of "Bo" (spear) has been realized on Sunday June 9, 2013, at the closed stadium of Nea Kios in the outskirts of Argos city.

kobudo argos june2013 2

The athletes’ participation has been over one hundred people and the reason has been the great interest for the traditional weapons that one way or the other, are an inseparable part of Mabuni Shito ryu Karate do style, that is being studied in "Yoshukan" dojo.

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Except the athletes of "Yoshukan" branch in Argos that participated along with their instructor Vasilis Samaras who was also the organizer of the seminar, also attended a big group of students from "Yoshukan" of Athens city. The event also attended the instructor of the branch of Eretria city, Argiris Bakas.

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The program of the seminar which conducted the representative of the style in Greece, George Pelekis, was divided in two sessions and two groups.

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The first session was formed by adults and teenage students, George Pelekis taught basic techniques with bo, a kata and bunkai. The second part was addressed to children who were taught also basic bo techniques and their application.

kobudo argos june2013 6

For one more time all the athletes that participated in the seminar, were very happy with the knowledge acquired as well as the communicability and the technical equipment of instructor George Pelekis, while at the time are being anxious for the next seminar with analogous topic.

kobudo argos june2013 7
After the end of the seminar there have been certificate awards of Black belt and Dan to the students that were tested the year before.

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