Friday 20 May 2022

Colour belts grading test in Eretria city - April 2013


On April 20, 2013, colour belt grading test has taken place at the Athletic Karate Association of Eretria city. The purpose of the test was the evaluation of the students' technical level.

Examiner has been the instructor of the club Argiris Bakas, who was satisfied with the output of his students deeming them capable of been promoted to the next level.


The students that succeeded were:

7th Kyu (orange belt)

Kotzia Despina  
Basinas Konstantinos  
Basinas Prokopis

8th Κyu (yellow belt)

Aouamle Dalia
Armira Christina
Athanasopoulos Agelos
Arvanitis Ioannis
Assiouras Meletis
Vlahos Konstantinos
Zafiratou Anastasia
Zekka Roni
Kapinisis Simeon
Karavasilis Victoras
Kiakis Eleftherios
Kotzias Agelos
Laios Ioannis
Lambrou Paraskevi
Liaros Konstantinos
Mitakidis Charalabos
Papaioannou Ioanna
Papaioannou Konstantinos
Peretsis Georgios
Sarapis Antonios
Skarlas Athanasios
Skarlas Christos
Tsokou Eva
Fotinos Dimitrios
Chrisagis Panagiotis
Stamelos Argiris

9th Κyu (red belt)

Aouamle Samer
Sabani Anna-Maria
Sabani Edmond
Kikidis Antonios
Tsigas Konstantinos
Tsigas Fotis



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