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Educational trip to Japan - April 2013


Two weeks educational trip at the birthplace of Karate Japan, has been realized once more, by the official representative of Soke Kenei Mabuni in Greece, instructor of "Yoshukan" dojo in Greece, George Pelekis.

Same as every year, this time he travelled to far away Japan, at the end of March – early April, in order to train at the "Yoshukan" honbu dojo which is located at Osaka city conducted by the heir of the style Soke Kenei Mabuni, son of the founder of Shito ryu, Kenwa Mabuni.


It is a great honor for someone to be trained at the original form of the style, directly from Sensei Mabuni, in exactly the same way he was in his turn taught from his father. 


While he was there, he also met with his teacher, Con Kassis Sensei, who attended with a group of his students from Australia for the same purpose.
In some of the training sessions the son of Soke Kenei Manuni, Kenyu Mabuni, had been present.


The training sessions were daily and long, enriching even more the knowledge of the instructor, offering him valuable experience, while at the same time he was tested for the degree of 5th Dan by Kenei Mabuni himself, which he succesfully achieved.

During his staying, George Pelekis had the opportunity of attending the Osaka city karate championship that included all karate styles and had been organized by the local association.


Finally, after concluding his visit, the instructor returned again content and satisfied, eager for his next trip to this enchanting country.



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