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3rd Black belts & Medicine athletes seminar in Athens - December 2012

The established annual Black Belt and Medicine Athletes seminar has been realized on December 9, 2012, at the facilities of institute Nea Pedia at Afea Skaramanga district, under the organization of Yoshukan Honbu dojo of Greece.

The first part of the seminar lasted three hours with topic medicine athletes specifically CPR-AED & BLEEDING, BANDAGING-HEAD HARM, while teaching has been conducted as in last year by Dr Antonis Lemonis, a member of Medicine Athletes Association, who at first concentrated on theory and finally in practice from the participants.


This particular stage of the seminar has been attended both by beginners and high level students. Except members of Honbu dojo, also participated instructor Vasilis Samaras and a team of students from Yoshukan branch of Argos city, as well as the instructor from Athletic Association of Eretria city, Argiris Bakas.


The second part of the seminar lasted two and a half hours and only high level students participated like Black belts and Dan to whom the technical responsible for Mabuni Shito ryu in Greece, George Pelekis concentrated in the teaching of kata "Nipaipo" and its explanation (bunkai).

For one more time the students that participated either in one or in both parts of the seminar, were completely satisfied with the knowledge acquired and asked for a repetition.




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