Friday 20 May 2022

Colour belts grading test in Athens - June 2012

The last colour belts grading test of the season for "Yoshukan" Honbu dojo of Greece has taken place on June 28 and July 16, 2012.

In the grading test many students have participated, their level has been evaluated by dojo instructor George Pelekis. 


The students by doing their best, have managed to get promoted to the next level:

Notara Varvara                           1st Kyu
Bouzouka Eleni                           1st Kyu
Giannakis Stylianos                     1st Kyu
Giannakis Theodoros                   1st Kyu
Giannaki Fotini                           2nd Kyu
Pylo Agelos                                2nd Kyu
Koutroulakis Ioannis                   2nd Kyu
Damoulianou Georgia                  3rd Kyu
Lamias Panagiotis                       3rd Kyu
Petromanolakis Zacharias            3rd Kyu
Giakalis Konstantinos                  3rd Kyu
Alexandridou Athanasia               4th Kyu
Berberi Sam                               4th Kyu
Giatzoglou Margarita                   4th Kyu
Portokalis Nikolaos                      5th Kyu
Kakouratos Stylianos                   5th Kyu
Triantafillidis Konstantinos           5th Kyu
Elmas Evagelos                           5th Kyu
Chrysafakis Konstantinos             5th Kyu
Nikolaidi Anastasia                      5th Kyu
Triantafillidis Charalabos             5th Kyu
Giannakis Marios                        5th Kyu
Melios Petros                              5th Kyu
Kastriti Thalia                             5th Kyu
Gabelis Ilias                               6th Kyu
Nasis Leonidas                           6th Kyu
Stavridi Melpina                         6th Kyu
Panouris Alexios                         6th Kyu
Hondos Panagiotis                      6th Kyu
Konstantinou Christina               6th Kyu
Sarikas Konstantinos                  7th Kyu
Michalakeli Victoria                     7th Kyu
Souri Kiriaki                               7th Kyu
Poulos Nikolaos                          7th Kyu
Sarikas Panagiotis                      7th Kyu
Charalabopoulos Konstantinos     8th Kyu
Malama Alkistis                          8th Kyu
Vakondios Symeon                     8th Kyu
Kouvarioti Ourania                      8th Kyu
Ioannidis Orfeas                         8th Kyu
Stavridis Spyridon                      9th Kyu
Kouvariotis Christos                    9th Kyu
Bellomo Chrysoula                      9th Kyu
Rouvio Karlos                             9th Kyu




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