Friday 20 May 2022

Hellenic Wado ryu Karate Championship - June 2012


Successful has been the participation of both athletic teams "Yoshukan" dojo Athens and "Yoshukan" branch of Argos city, that contested in Hellenic Wado ryu Karate Championship that took place in Moschato district Stadium on June 10, 2012.

The team from "Yoshukan" dojo in Athens consisted by:

Chondrorizos Stamatis     1st  place kumite
Psihogios Christos            1st place kumite
Kaltakis Marios                3rd place kumite
Μavrodontis Georgios       3rd place kumite
Μavrodonti Iliana             1st place kumite
Litsos Agelos                   2nd place kumite
Siomos Crysovalantis       1st place kumite
Νotara Varvara                2nd place kumite
Giannaki Fotini                2nd place kumite
Giannakis Marios             3rd place kumite



  Hantzis Georgios              2nd place kumite
  Τsakos Michael                1st place kumite
  Spanos Nikolaos              1st place kumite
  Μerkvilatze Alexandre      2st place kumite
  Ketzetzis Konstantinos     1st place kumite



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