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Hellenic Karate Federation Championship in Athens - November 2011

A championship of Hellenic Karate Federation has been held at the Olympic Stadium of Ano Liosia district on November 26 & 27, 2011, with the participation of all categories.

Representing the ''Yoshukan'' dojo were the athletes:
Toumanian George, Toumanian Eleftherios, Karras Denis, Chondrorizos Stamatis, Psihogios Christos, Kaltakis Marios, Papadopoulos Vasilios, Vakondios George, Notara Varvara and Giannaki Fotini.


All of the above contestants made a very good presentation while the ones acquiring a medal were:

Toumanian George -60 kg, held a 3rd place in kumite , Men's category.
Toumanian Eleftherios -60 kg, held a 3rd place in kumite, Men's category.
Karras Denis -68 kg, held the 1st place in kumite in Young Men's category.
Chondrorizos Stamatis -63 kg, 2nd place in kumite in Teen's category.
Marios Kaltakis -63 kg, held a 3rd place in kumite in Teen's category.
Notara Varvara held a 3rd place in kata in Cadets category.
Psihogios Christos while making an excellent presentation, was the winner in two matches when on the third match he was unfortunate enough to confront one of his mates from the dojo Mario Kaltaki. Both contestants showed a remarkable athletic behaviour, a thing that made the referee's decision even more difficult.


Fotini Giannaki who participated for the first time in a champioship succeded in being the winner in 4 rounds.

Finally, both Notara Varvara (who held a place withing the first three athletes in her  category) and Giannaki Fotini, are qualified enough to be two very good athletes in the field of kata.



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