Friday 20 May 2022

Colour belts grading test in Athens - July 2011

The last colour belts grading test of the "Yoshukan dojo" of Athens, for the season passed, has been realized in July 2 & 15, conducted by the instructor of the dojo George Pelekis.

Once more the students level has been high and all the participants succeeded in the next level.

The students were:

Kanakaki Irini                          1st Kyu
Litsos Agelos                           1st Kyu
Kakogianni Aktina                    1st Kyu
Kakogiannis Dimitrios              1st Kyu
Vakondios Georgios                1st Kyu
Varlamos Konstantinos           2nd Kyu
Mouzakitis Apostolos              2nd Kyu
Piskopou Georgia                    2nd Kyu
Liatsios Georgios                    3rd Kyu
Giannakis Theodoros              3rd Kyu
Pylo Konstantina                     3rd Kyu
Giannakis Stylianos                 3rd Kyu
Notara Vera                            4th Kyu
Pelekis Ioannis                       4th Kyu   
Koutroulakis Ioannis               4th Kyu
Siomos Chrysovalantis            4th Kyu
Lamias Panagiotis                   5th Kyu
Petromanolakis Zacharias       5th Kyu
Priovolou Aikaterini                  5th Kyu
Venianakis Artemis                  5th Kyu
Notara Konstantina                 5th Kyu
Pylo Agelos                              5th Kyu
Saridi Melina                            5th Kyu
Lambropoulos Ioannis             5th Kyu
Giannaki Fotini                         5th Kyu
Muhammad Asif                       6th Kyu
Damoulianou Georgia              6th Kyu
Portokalis Nikolaos                  7th Kyu
Symeonidis Dimitrios               7th Kyu
Baziotopoulou Eleana             7th Kyu
Kaba Elena                              7th Kyu
Alexandridou Athanasia          7th Kyu
Giatzoglou Margarita              7th Kyu
Elmas Evagelos                      7th Kyu
Lambropoulos Christos          7th Kyu
Berberi Sam                            7th Kyu
Melios Petros                          7th Kyu
Meremeti Maria                       7th Kyu
Triantafyllidis Konstantinos     8th Kyu
Nasis Dimitrios                        8th Kyu
Grigoreas Alexandros              8th Kyu
Stavridi Melpina                       8th Kyu
Meremetis Agelos                    8th Kyu
Triantafyllidis Charalambos     8th Kyu
Nasis Leonidas                        8th Kyu
Savidis Anestis                        8th Kyu 
Gabelis Ilias                             8th Kyu
Giannakis Marios                     8th Kyu
Kakouratos Stylianos               9th Kyu
Tsirogiannis Achileas                9th Kyu
Panouris Alexios                      9th Kyu
Xondos Panagiotis                   9th Kyu



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