Friday 20 May 2022

Seminar & Open Karate Cup in Turkey - June 2011

A successful appearance for the athletes of "Yoshukan" dojo that participated in the open Karate cup and seminar which took place in Gumuldur Izmir of nearby Turkey on 21-26 June 2011.

Sensei Con Kassis conducted the seminar and was also honoured guest in the championship as W.K.F. Referee commitee Chairman.
Sensei Esteban Peres has been present as well as W.K.F. Organising commitee Chairman.

The Greek team that participated was consisted by Toumanian George, Toumanian Lefteris, Chondrorizos Stamatis, Psihogios Christos, Kaltakis Marios and their coach George Pelekis.

The above team with its performance got positive critics and paid back the efforts of its instructor, achieving two first places and one second place in kumite.
To be specific the gold medal was taken by Toumanian George and Kaltakis Marios while the Silver medal was taken by Psihogios Christos.

The other two athletes Toumanian Lefteris and Chondrorizos Stamatis made also a very good impression with their appearance.

Not only for the Sensei George Pelekis that joined the seminar and watched the championship but for the team of athletes as well, their participation offered a valuable experience to all, outside the borders of their country, something everyone is eager to repeat.  



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