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Kumite & self defence seminar in Argos city - May 2011

On May 22, a seminar organised by the Athletic Association of Argos city ''TIMENOS'' ("Yoshukan" branch of Argos) and it's instructor Vasilis Samaras, took place in the city's stadium.

The topic of the seminar was sport karate (kumite) and self defence techniques.

The seminar was conducted by Sensei George Pelekis and was divided in two parts. The first part lasted from morning till noon was based on sport karate basic techniques intended to supply the participants with the basis and the equipment, to improve their skill in kumite.

In the second part from afternoon till evening, Sensei Pelekis emphasized on self defence techniques. Useful techniques for every day life, that excited the participants and managed to strengthen their confidence providing them with a certain way of thinking important for their safety.

The seminar also attended a small group of athletes from the "Yoshukan" Honbu Dojo.

Both "Yoshukan" branch of Argos as well as "Yoshukan" Honbu dojo, athletes after the integration of the seminar were very pleased by the knowledge and the communicability of Sensei Pelekis renewing the promise for a next seminar.



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