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Martial arts Demostration in "Hellenic Air Force" - April 2011

On April 12, 2011, a Martial arts demonstration has taken place in Hellenic Air Force. The event has been realized like each year at the Air Force gymnasium in Athens, where athletic associations and Air Force pilots made demonstrations on several martial arts' styles.

"Yoshukan" Honbu dojo well known for its demonstrations, for one more time was invited in the event by 
the Air Force school's self defense instructor Mr John Nikolaou. The above dojo participated with some black belt members and their Sensei George Pelekis.

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"Yoshukan" Dojo presented kata & bunkai (application), kumite (sparring), self defense techniques and impressive wooden boards breaking from the art of Shito ryu Karate do and they were greeted with applause and positive remarks not only by the spectators but from the Commander of Air Force School as well, for their splendid appearance.



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