Friday 20 May 2022

Colour belts grading test in Argos city - March 2011

On March 20, 2011 according to the schedule, colour belts grading test has taken place in "Yoshukan" branch of Argos city under the supervision of Mabuni's Shito ryu Karate do representative in Greece, Sensei George Pelekis and the dojo Sensei Vasilis Samaras.

The test has been realized with success and all participats doing their best, managed to succeed to the next level.

The names of the students are: 

Dimas Anastasios                   5th Kyu
Gavrilos Agelos                       5th Kyu
Dimas Ioannis                         5th Kyu
Zogali Marina                          5th Kyu
Delidimitriou Georgios             5th Kyu
Pop Vanesa                             5th Kyu
Kostopoulos Christos              5th Kyu
Hantzis Georgios                     5th Kyu
Kondilarou Marianthi                6th Kyu
Lambadarios Panagiotis          6th Kyu
Mitrosilis Nikolaos                    6th Kyu
Kalogeropoulos Nikolaos         7th Kyu
Kalogeropoulos Anastasios     7th Kyu
Gianopoulou Georgia               7th Kyu
Papageorgiou Theodoros        7th Kyu
Salapatas Leonidas                 7th Kyu
Salapatas Dimitrios                  7th Kyu
Dima Fani                                 7th Kyu
Bilias Konstantinos                   8th Kyu
Douni Christina                         8th Kyu
Patouras Panagiotis                 8th Kyu
Haratzouli Georgios                  8th Kyu
Haratzouli Panagiotis               8th Kyu
Kahrimanis Petros                    8th Kyu
Faklaris Panagiotis                   8th Kyu
Korolis Andreas                        8th Kyu
Tountas Michael                       8th Kyu
Karatasoulis Georgios              8th Kyu
Kehagias Michael                      8th Kyu
Bilias Ioannis                            8th Kyu
Papanikolaou Dimitrios             8th Kyu
Ribas Evagelos                         8th Kyu
Tsakos Michael                         8th Kyu
Opsimouli Sofia                        9th Kyu
Giannikou Dorianna                 9th Kyu
Koni Leonardo                         9th Kyu
Dagres Christos                       9th Kyu
Saliaj Agelos                            9th Kyu
Keramida Giolanta                   9th Kyu
Stavropoulos Ioannis              9th Kyu
Kristea Georgios                     9th Kyu
Antonakos Nikolaos                9th Kyu
Serjani Vasiliki                         9th Kyu



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