Friday 20 May 2022

Educational trip to Japan - July 2010

The last few years the representative of ''Yoshukan" Dojo in Greece George Pelekis, pays an annual visit to Japan, Meca of Karate with the intention of  his personal training and progress under the teachings of Soke Kenei Mabuni.

This year early July, he flew one more time towards the familiar destination, to live the unique experience. There he was expected by his teacher Sensei Con Kassis to be escorted. The daily training that took place in the personal dojo of Kenei Mabuni, ''Yoshukan'' Dojo in Osaka, was hard and exhausting but the gains were big enough to cover the effort.

During some of the training sessions a small group of Australia participated escorted by Sensei Con Kassis. Sensei Mabuni emphasized on the technical part, the details of the kata as well as the bunkai (application of kata movements) the way he had been taught by his father and founder of Shito ryu, Kenwa Mabuni.  

There was also the opportunity of travelling through the country with the intention of  descovering historical sources and references in cities like Nara, Kioto, Nagoya, while he escorted his teacher Sensei Con Kassis in many of his meetings with great teachers of Karate.

The basic everyday's disscussion and experience topic has been exculusively Karate not only concerning the technical aspect but as a way of living.



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