Friday 20 May 2022

Sensei Con Kassis seminar in Athens - May 2010

For one more time Sensei Con Kassis, has visited our country to instruct in a Shito ryu technical seminar organised by Yoshukan Dojo of Greece on May 11-12, 2010 in Athens, escorted by his student James Giuliano, Kata champion.

The Greek-Australian teacher who is personal student of Soke Mabuni Kenei since 1988, vice president of World Shito ryu Karate do Federation and Chairman in WKF Refereeing Commission, emphasized in the teaching of Kata, in traditional and sport style giving both versions. 

The seminar has been very successfull and all the participants have been happy and excited as well as impressed by his vast knowledge in technical matters. 

They also admired his humble and modest manners, considering his status and how friendly he has been with everyone.

Finally, the seminar attended members of Yoshukan Dojo of Athens with instructor George Pelekis, Yoshukan Dojo of Argos city with instructor Vasilis Samaras, JKF Gojukai Hellas with chief instructor Dimitris Tsakatanis and A.A. Odysseas with instructors Nectarios Xenos & Mariza Soubazaki. 



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