Friday 20 May 2022

Colour belts grading test in Argos city - March 2010

Colour belts grading test has been realized in Yoshukan Branch of Argos city on March 18, 2010. The grading test has been attended by junior and senior students while the supervision has been made by Sensei George Pelekis, escorted by his student Andreas Zafiriou (1st Dan). Vasilis Samaras, instructor of the Argos Branch, has been congratulated for the excellent level of his students.

The students promoted in the next level were:

Litsardopoulou Maria        5th kyu                                                                                         

Badounas  Georgios         8th kyu                                                                                              

Gavrilos  Angelos              8th kyu                                                                                                

Dimas Anastasios            8th kyu                                                                                                 

Zogali Marina                    8th kyu                                                                                               

Dimas Ioannis                   8th kyu                                                                                        

Delidimitriou Georgios       8th kyu                                                                                          

Hantzis Georgios               8th kyu                                                                                           

Kostopoulos Christos      8th kyu                                                                                                 

Pop Vanessa                      8th kyu                                                                                     

Badouna Zoi                       8th kyu                                                                                             

Pop Alex                             8th kyu                                                                                         

Fezoula Gabriel                  8th kyu                                                                                   

Kostopoulos Anastasios     9th kyu                                                                                             

Mitrosilis Nikolaos               9th kyu                                                                                           

Koroula Petra                     9th kyu



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