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Educational trip to Japan - January 2008


Educational trip to Japan has been realized by the athletic association named "The Way of the Warrior”, on
January 2008, by his instructor George Pelekis. He has been accompanied by his Greek-Australian
teacher Con Kassis (7o Dan) who visits Greece regularly to conduct seminars and has been a link between George Pelekis and the legitimate heir of Shito ryu Karate do, Kenei Mabuni 92 years old, whose father founded the Shito ryu system, one of the four recognized styles of Karate worldwide.

George Pelekis has been the first Greek that has ever set foot in Kenei Mabuni’s personal school and not only has been taught directly by him for several days, but has also been awarded a significant honorary title. He has been given permission to bare the name "YOSHUKAN". The name of the father’s Kenwa Mabuni historical personal school. Mr Pelekis has been made a representative of "YOSHUKAN" in Greece, after suggestion of Sensei Con Kassis.

Beyond that the knowledge that George Pelekis achieved, has been very important since it came from one of the last great teachers, being respected not only in Japan, but all over the world. A man so modest and humble in spite of his position in Karate hierarchy.
In that way the memorable journey of George Pelekis has been concluded in the country that is considered to be Mecca of Karate, where apart from his personal contact with the great master, he had also the opportunity to visit several places of Japan, like Osaka, Kyoto etc.

But this is not the end, since the next trip to Japan is already being under program in which a group of school athletes will have the opportunity to participate. 



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