Friday 20 May 2022

Shito-ryu technical seminar & Colour belts grading test in Rhodes island - September 2015

For the second time has been realized  in the island of Rhodes on September 25 - 27, 2015, a Shito ryu Karate do seminar  that ended in colour belts grading test, its purpose was to promote the students to a higher level.

The event lasted three days, while on the first two days the students had been working continuously on the Shito ryu material, preparing for the grading test that took place on the third day.

The participants have acquired valuable knowledge to practice in the future, while the test has been successful, since all the students have been promoted on the next level.

The person responsible for the organization has been Sensei  Gerasimos  Giakoumatos , head instructor of Shito ryu Karate do in Rhodes island and his guest was the official representative of Soke Kenei  Mabuni  and World Shito ryu Karate do Federation in Greece, George Pelekis, who conducted the Technical Seminar and the Colour belts grading test.

Mr Pelekis was very pleased with the thirst for knowledge from the senior and the junior students , as well as the hospitality that he has been greeted by all of them. 

7th ΚYU:

Giakoumatos Markos

8th ΚYU:

Kostalias Tsabikas

Efstathiou Christos

Merdai Fasli

Karasavas Rouvim

Koskiniati Valsamoula

Koskiniati Ekaterini

Balasa Maria

Mihelakis Konstantinos

Pallas Panagiotis

Potsou Emanuela

9th KYU:

Merdai Ardit

Karasava Anna

Balis Panagiotis

Kanelli Sofia

Balasa Sofia

Balasas Nikolaos



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