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1st Greece International Mabuni Cup - June 2015

We are very happy to announce that for the first time in Greece has taken place the International Mabuni Cup, with the approval of World Karate Federation, from June 17 until June 21, 2015.

In a beautiful and traditional area of Nafplio city, the participants had the opportunity to come in touch with the noble art of Karate and to be trained by the best of teachers globally, such as Antonio Oliva from Spain (International Kumite coach), Masae Sonoyama from Japan (International Kata coach) and Australian-Greek Con Kassis (Referee Committee of World Karate Federation).

We also had the pleasure to host Kenyu Mabuni, second in line for the succession of Shito ryu Karate do (grandson of the founder of Shito ryu style, Kenwa Mabuni) and technical director of the certain event.

Among the students that participate from Greece, Turkey, Australia, Palestine, Georgia, Russia, Algeria and other countries, has also participate the Gold medal awarded in Kata of the ″1st European Games″ 2015 in Baku, Sandra Sanchez from Spain.

George Pelekis responsible for the organization has created a schedule full of activities that included sport Karate seminars (Kata and Kumite), as well as referee clinics for instructors.

The participants have found themselves in the magical world of Karate, relaxed and trained by the sea, while the members of National delegations have come in contact with Greek culture, have visited archaeological and tourist areas, have tasted the Greek cuisine and have attended world level training sessions.The training was completed with the opening of the championship and the farewell dinner on Sunday night. 








This organization including the training and the championships has been open for all Karate styles (recognized by W.K.F.) and was not restricted in Shito ryu clubs only.

The athletes, the spectators and the factors of the delegations, were very pleased by the quality and the organization of the above event and required it to be characterized as an institution for the Hellenic Karate.

Finally, we would like to thank World Karate Federation for the support and the trust that has shown to us, so we can manage to host this special event, as well as Sensei Con Kassis who has been the connecting chain between the above factor.








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