Friday 20 May 2022

Kumite seminar & Colour belts grading test in Corfu island - April 2015

In Corfu island at the premises of the Athletic Association "Leon Scherias" and branch of "Yoshukan" dojo in Corfu island with instructor Spiros Kouris, on 24 & 25 April 2015, has been realized a seminar of sport Karate (kumite) and a Colour belts grading test.

Specifically on Saturday, April 24, took place a sport Karate seminar conducted by Mr. George Pelekis who taught to the students of the association the basic principles of Kumite and regulations. Students then trained in basic Kumite techniques passing from theory to practice.

Mr. Pelekis accompanied and assisted during teaching his student Vasilis Samaras from Argos. It was for all students of the club a constructive seminar especially for those keen to get involved with championships.

The next day, Sunday, April 25, held Colour belts grading test to assess students, which was crowned with success and the following were promoted to the next level.

5th Κyu (blue belt):
Halikias Grigoris
Monastirioti Danai
Vlahou Aliki
Kouris Theodoros
Vlassis Pavlos
Kotina Evgenia
Kouris Dimitrios

6th Κyu (green belt):
Varelis Konstantinos
Koulouris Dimitrios

7th Κyu (orange belt):
Kantas Andreas
Stasinoula Sofia

8th Κyu (yellow belt):
Aspiotis Achileas
Kantas Sevastianos



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