Friday 20 May 2022

Colour belts grading test in Athens - December 2015

Successful were the promotive examinations of colour belts that took place at Yoshukan dojo in Athens on December 22 & 23, 2015, since the technical level of all examinees has been quite high and were able to be promoted.

1st Κyu (brown belt):
Terzanidis Dimitrios
Michalakeli Victoria
Lipe Fabiola
Lipe Christina
Elmas Evagelos

2nd Kyu (brown belt):
Leventos Dimitrios
Skepetzakis Georgios
Vlahos Dimitrios
Dimopoulos Georgios
Katsadouros Christos
Portokalis Vasilis
Karavelis Apostolos
Tzortzakakis Georgios

3rd Κyu (brown belt):
Roussos Evagelos
Vagias Iraklis
Katsadouros Panagiotis

4th Κyu (purple belt):
Vagia Electra
Triantafillidis Georgios

5th Κyu (blue belt):
Kousvani Maria

6th Κyu (green belt):
Vasiliou Argiris
Nikolaidis Stilianos
Peleki Electra
Dimopoulos Konstantinos
Portokali Evagelia
Rigakis Konstantinos
Panagiotopoulou Alexandra
Katsadouros Achileas

7th Κyu (orange belt):
Kireas Christos
Giakalis Stefanos -Nektarios
Panteleskos Stamatis

8th Κyu (yellow belt):
Pantelidis Savvas
Dimopoulos Nikolaos

9th Κyu (red belt):
Botsi Eleni
Tsakanika Ageliki
Leontiadis Thomas
Bili Irini
Patsota Evanthia
Goltsios Michael
Chatzibailou Fay
Porikis Alexandros
Porikis Ioannis
Kiriakou Ioannis
Antoniou Ioannis
Goureev Alexios
Pantelidis Konstantinos
Pantelidis Theodoros



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