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Tribute to the memory of Soke Kenei Mabuni - January 2016

n Friday, January 15, 2016, in Υοshukan dojo of Athens, held a special event. A tribute to the memory of the great Master of Karate Kenei Mabuni who recently passed away.

Οn December 19, 2015, the son of the founder of the style Shito ryu Karate do and his successor, died in Osaka at the age of 97 years. A man who literally devoted his life to the dissemination of this particular system of Karate and who has been a teacher over the last 30 years to Con Kassis.
Representative of the Mabuni family in Greece is the personal student of Sensei Kassis, George Pelekis, who follows the line  and the way of training of the style exactly as he has been taught at the private school of Kenei Mabuni, during his trips to Japan over the last 10 years and continues to be taught by his teacher.

Dedicated so on this special personality that represents the history of Karate in Japan, was the event held in Honbu dojo of Greece and contained excerpts from photos and video of the teacher Kenei Mabuni, from personal files of teachers but also from the file of George Pelekis both from workouts at Yoshukan dojo in Osaka, and in private moments with Soke.

Students of the dojo who had the opportunity to travel at times to Japan to meet and learn directly from Master Kenei Mabuni gave speeches, each recounting experiences from these trips. All thanked their teacher George Pelekis for the great opportunity offered to them to accompany him there and come in direct contact with the teaching space and Master and to be trained by him.

Finally, spoke George Pelekis who recounting his meetings with the great teacher, told several stories from personal experiences and from what his teacher Con Kassis has transferred to him, expressing his gratitude to him, who was the link that united him with Soke Kenei Mabuni, and this part of Japan.

He also referred in succession anointing that will now pass to his son Kenyu Mabuni and appropriate ceremony to be held in the near future.

In the words of a student of Soke Kenei Mabuni, ″the teacher's techniques will be preserved for eternity because they live in his disciples″.



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