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Kobudo seminar & Dan Examination with Shihan Con Kassis in Athens - February 2016

On 20
and February 21, 2016 the "Yoshukan" dojo in Athens in view of the technical seminar and promotion Black belt examinations and Dan, had the honor to host Shihan Con Kassis (8th Dan), who as every year, was in Greece to teach and supervise the examinations.

on Saturday, February 20, tests performed which were particularly demanding at the technical level and fitness level where all participants gave their best paying great effort, exceeding sometimes their personal limits.

The next
day, Sunday, February 21 began with the first part of the seminar had as theme Kobudo (traditional weapons) which Sensei  Con  Kassis taught for the first time in Greece. During this part, he introduced basic techniques on Bo (staff) it lasted three hours and gave the opportunity to those who had the first contact with this weapon to learn, but also to those who were more familiar from previous seminars to enrich their knowledge.

The seminar also attended the instructors Argiris Bakas from Eretria Karate Club and Spiros Kouris from Corfu island Club.

The seminar ended in the afternoon with the second part in which Shihan Con Kassis taught basic techniques of Shito ryu analyzing them with incredible detail. He continued with the history of the kata and bunkai, as taught by his teacher Soke Kenei Mabuni and finally taught the kata Shochin with an explanation of the techniques (bunkai).
All participants were thrilled by the knowledge, simplicity and modesty of Sensei Kassis.

Kassis Sensei is a real treasure of knowledge and the reason is that for over thirty years studied near the source of the system who was Soke Kenei Mabuni son of Shito ryu founder which means than during all these years has narrated to him many historical data.

He spoke during the seminar saying that the number of this valuable knowledge acquired, he transmits to his personal student in Greece George Pelekis.

Over the next two days Sensei Kassis focused on the technical progress of George Pelekis preparing him for his future promotion examinations.



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