Wednesday 25 May 2022

Colour belts grading test in Rhodes island - March 2016

On March 26 the group of Shito-ryu Karate-do in Rhodes island organized colour belts grading examinations, to assess the technical training of athletes and their promotion to the next level.

The test has been successful and the athletes who promoted are:

6th Κyu (green belt):
Giakoumatos Markos

7th Κyu (orange belt):
Efstathiou Christos
Merdanaj Fasli
Karasavvas Rouvim
Koskiniati Valsamoula
Koskiniati Ekaterini
Balasa Maria
Michelakis Konstantinos
Pallas Panagiotis

8th Κyu (yellow belt):
Merdanaj Ardit
Karasavva Anna
Balis Panagiotis
Balasas Nikolaos
Balasa Charoula
Giordamnis Michael

9th Κyu (red belt):
Stefanakis Michael
Ziakis Nikolaos
Boniati Maria



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