Wednesday 25 May 2022

Kobudo seminar in Eretria city - May 2016

On Sunday May 15, 2016 afternoon, a Kobudo seminar was held by the Athletic Association of Karate Eretria and specifically the traditional weapon Bo (staff).

The organization was excellent and this is due to the initiative and organizational skills of the teacher of Eretria club Mr. ArgirisBakas. The seminar was conducted by George Pelekis, official representative of Shito ryu Karate in Greece, who has knowledge on the particular field.

Kobudo is the martial arts system that deals with traditional Japanese weapons such as Bo, Kama, Nunchaku, Sai, Tonfa etc. and is part of Shito ryu.

The seminar took place at the Hotel "Negroponte" located in the area, in open surroundings and was attended by several members of the club.

It was the first time that a similar seminar is held by the above association and enthusiasm of all the participants was large since they further enriched their knowledge in an unknown field of Karate like Kobudo.

All participants are eagerly awaiting the resumption of similar seminar while great is the gratitude to the hotel unit for hosting the above event.



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