Wednesday 25 May 2022

Common athletic training workshop in Kapandriti city - April 2016

On Sunday, April 24, 2016 held at the Indoor Sports Club of Kapandriti district, a Common Athletic Training Workshop, organized by the Athletic Gymnastic Association "Empedoklis" based in Kapandriti Attica.

Numerous was the participation of various clubs and karate systems, while the Shito ryu represented group of athletes from the "Yoshukan" Honbu Dojo and from "Eretria Club Karate".

The purpose of the event was both to familiarize the athletes to Sport Karate and to the knowledge of proper technique, the manner and the conduct rules.

All athletes participating competed and did their best thus earning themselves distinctions and enriching their knowledge in the competition Karate, while athletes, parents and spectators, left happy and satisfied with the excellent organization of the event. In the athletic workshop participated junior and senior athlets in order to gain knowledge and experience. 

fter the event, commemorative medals were given to all athletes who participated.







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