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Educational trip to Japan - September 2016

An educational trip has been realized by the instructor of "Yoshukan" Dojo Greece and representative of Shito ryu Karate do and the Mabuni family in Greece, George Pelekis.

The trip lasted two weeks and included training during most of the day with the top teachers in Japan as well as world champions.

George Pelekis along with his teacher Shihan Con Kassis (8th Dan) started from Tokyo where they visited the 7 times world champion in W.K.F. male team kata, Katsuihide Hasegawa. They trained with the referred champion who has seen his name in the Guinness book, as well as the female world kata champion Kiyou Shimizu.

They met Soke of Shito ryu Kenyu Mabuni in Tokyo and trained with him.
Then followed him to Osaka and legendary Yoshukan dojo where they had a pleasant experience during training to see the style successor to sit in exactly the same position that sat his late father Master Kenei Mabuni and teach in the same way that he taught.

In Osaka they also visited the University "Osaka University of Commerce" and in its premises trained with Sensei Kiyonori Sonoyama in Kumite and his wife Sensei Masae Sonoyama in kata. The Sonoyama couple has created over time many remarkable athletes some of them have won world discrimination. Along with them was Tokai Sensei.

Since 90% of the travel was covered by the workout, the last day included a visit to the traditional Kyoto city for relaxation.

George Pelekis once again returned home carrying valuable knowledge and experiences from the Mecca of Karate.



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Photos of the week



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