Friday 20 May 2022

8th World Shito-ryu Karate-do Championship in Mexico - October 2016

In Monterey city of Mexico,on 17-23 October 2016 was held the 8th World Championship of Shito ryu Karate do. A successful organization by Murayama Sensei and local factors, belonging to the family of W.S.K.F, which was dedicated to the memory of the Master Kenei Mabuni who passed away last December and which included an referee seminar, technical seminar, the standard congress of representatives, closing with the World Championship on weekend.

Many executives and great teachers belonging to the World Federation of Shito ryu were present, led by the head of Shito ryu worldwide Soke Kenyu Mabuni, the chairman of the Federation Hiroshi Murata and many others.

Once again the Shito ryu of Greece participated with the official representative George Pelekis, accompanied by a member of Yoshukan dojo Mr. SteliosKakouratos.

They traveled to this distant country to participate in the seminars but also because George Pelekis would referee during the World Championship, which was attended by distinguished world-level athletes to the competitive element both in kata and kumite.

It was a chance for George Pelekis to meet again good friends, associates, valued teachers, executives and to share the common love and knowledge of this system while renewing the appointment for the next World Shito ryu Championship that will take place on 2019 in Tokyo.





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