Friday 20 May 2022

Educational trip to Japan - May 2017

An educational trip to Japan was held by a team of athletes from Yohukan Dojo Greece, headed by Sensei George Pelekis.

The team consisted of 11 people and the journey lasted about 10 days.

Apart from George Pelekis, who visits the birth place of Karate each year, all the other members who participated in the trip had not been before in this distant country and were thrilled by the combination of modern and traditional, the enchanting landscapes, the ultramodern cities and the organization that characterizes this country.

The program included training both in Shitokai Honbu (Shito ryu headquarters) in Tokyo and at the legendary "Yoshukan" Dojo in Osaka with the style successor Soke Kenyu Mabuni, son of Kenei Mabuni and grandson of the founder of Shito ryu Karate do, Kenwa Mabuni.

During one of these training sessions George Pelekis in attendance of his students, was tested for the 6th Dan grade by Soke Kenyu Mabuni and was considered competent. The highest degree right now in Greece by a representative of Shito ryu.

Of course, sightseeing tours such as castles, temples, villages, and traditional and modern cities could not be missed by the program. Japan combines everything with an unsurpassed ability.

All participants in this trip were delighted and are already planning their next visit to this unique country.



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