Wednesday 25 May 2022

Educational trip to Japan - March 2020

Another educational trip to Japan been made by the "Yoshukan" dojo of Greece. Like every year, this year the Technical Director of the club George Pelekis, with a small group of members this time, visited Karate's birthplace.

The trip lasted 10 days and included trainings at Shito-ryu Karate Central School, Shitokai, in Tokyo, while in Osaka the trainings were conducted at the renowned Mabuni family's personal dojo ˝Yoshukan˝, under the guidance of the 3rd system successor Kenyu Mabuni.

The truth is that whenever the opportunity is given to train with this particular Master the benefits are many, like discovering new details in body, movement and technique.

However, tours could not be missed from the travel, both in historical and non-sightseeing, as Japan uniquely combines modern with traditional, enchanting landscapes with ultra-modern cities and its enviable organization.








After the end of 10 days, Sensei George Pelekis continued his journey on his own, going to the island of Okinawa, where he spent 5 days of intensive training for his personal development on the art of traditional weapons, Kobudo.



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