Wednesday 25 May 2022

9th World Shito-ryu Karate-do Championship in Japan - March 2019

Greek delegation led by the club’s Technical Director and representative of World Shito-ryu Karate-do Federation in Greece, George Pelekis, participated in the 9th Shito-ryu World Championship held in Tokyo from 13 until 17 March 2019.

The premises of "Tokyo Budokan" have hosted this important style event which is held every 3 years and includes technical seminars, arbitration seminars, Dan examinations, teacher examinations, and championship.

It is important to mention that on the 2nd day during the technical seminar conducted by Kenyu Mabuni he honored George Pelekis with his invitation to serve as his assistant.

The technical director of the club also participated in the regular congress between the representatives of the countries that takes place in this event.

In the examination for teachers, George Pelekis, successfully obtained the highest teaching diploma and the highest degree, which is Shihan (Master), being the first Greek to have achieved this degree. The diploma was awarded by the President of the Federation Genzo Iwata.

The delegation from Greece was 10 members and participated in all the seminars. Two athletes of the club competed in the championship, while the athlete Marios Kaltakis acted as coach to the contestants, while George Pelekis was a referee in the championship.

It is important to note that the athlete Maria Katsimiga had a remarkable presence in Kumite fight, specifically in the match with an athlete from Mexico.

Finally, all members of the delegation were present at the Sayonara party, which always takes place after the end of the event.

But in addition to the seminars, the delegation members trained at the headquarters of the style in Tokyo,Shitokai, while in the second part of their trip, they traveled to Osaka, where they were given the opportunity to train in the personal dojo of Mabuni family ˝Yoshukan˝, with Kenyu Mabuni 3rd successor and style leader, a unique experience!!!

They also visited the personal dojo of Sonoyama couple, that have promoted many world champions, and had a training session there.

And of course on a two-week trip, the program did not miss sightseeing that exists in abundance in Japan.



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