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Argyris Bakas

Bakas Argyris

He was born on December 22, 1963, in Kaloni village of Poros Trizinias.

1975     He starts practising Kung-fu for a short period of time.

1984     He moves to Athens city, in the district of Galatsi, where he starts a daily
             hard practice in Karate with Sensei Christos Asproudis. His love and jest
             for Karate make him special.

1986     After two years of practice he achieves the rank of Black belt 1st Dan and
             becomes an assistant instructor (Senpai) at the dojo.

1988     After a successful grading test he achieves the rank of 2nd Dan and founds
             his own dojo in Perissos district. 

             After his recognition from Hellenic Karate Federation on 1986 and of 
             General Bureau of Athletics and having a knowledge of traditional Karate,
             he turns to Shito ryu Karate do one of four recognised Karate styles by
             Hellenic Karate Federation (H.K.F.) and World Karate Federation (W.K.F.).

1993     On January 15, he gives a grading test for 1st and 2nd Dan Shito-kai
             conducted by Yamazaki Sensei.

1994     On March 27, he takes part in 1st Hellenic Championship of Hellenic Shito-
             kai, realized at the stadium of Nea Smirni district.

1995     He is being tested by Yamazaki Sensei for 3rd Dan. 

             At the same year he becomes affiliated with instructor V. Bessis from
             Kalamata city who represents Shihan Fumio Demura in Greece, from Itosu
             -kai, later Genbu-kai and thus becoming Shihan's student.

1996     On March 12 after a successful grading test conducted by Shihan Fumio
             Demura, he achieves the rank of 1st Dan Itosu-kai.

1997     On February he participates in the World Championship of Itosu-kai in Los
             Angeles, where he achieves important experience by seminars with great

1998     On October 14, he is being awarded by 2nd Dan Itosu-kai. 

             On the same year he participates in World Shito ryu Karate Championship
             (Kobe Osaka International) in Halkida city and he is the only Greek
             participant that takes a place between the 8 best contestants in Kata.

2001     He graduates successfully from school for coaches of  General Bureau of

2003     October 1st, he achieves the rank of 3rd Dan Itosu-kai.

2007     November 11, he achives the rank of 4th Dan Genbu-kai, by Shihan Fumio
             Demura, whom he has been hosting and representing in Athens since early

             After 25 years of being an instructor, offering his knowledge and
             experience to his students, with several awards in Hellenic Championships
             dozen of them have achieved the rank of 1st-3rd Dan and some of them are
             already instructors. 
             He has also taken part in seminars in Greece and abroad under the
             instructor of great masters.

2012     He moves in Eretria district of Evia town and is being a special year
             because of his affiliation with two people who respects and appreciates
             very much.

             Instructor George Pelekis representative of "Shito ryu Karate do -
             Greece", well known for his knowledge in Shito ryu, Kobudo and Iaido,
             and the internationally most-respected Greek-Australian Shihan Con 
             Kassis, personal student of Soke Kenei Mabuni and ex-president of
             Referee Commitee of World Karate Federation (W.K.F.)



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