Wednesday 25 May 2022

The Way of the Warrior

What is it that makes people to seek escape routes from daily routine? From the stress, the pressure, the crisis or mediocrity that characterizes our time? Do we stop to hear what prompts our soul?

In such a turning point, perhaps - if lucky - appears as a "deus ex machina" a man to bring you in touch with what you previously ignored.

- Why don’t you come to watch a lesson at the club? You will see that in the end, you’ll feel much better...

Doubts ... Thoughts ... And if I can’t manage? However, the obstacles are just excuses that we raise in front of us. Our weak self is always hidden and lurking. Are you ready to overcome it and to try transcending the limits and your strengths?

The first contact with the area is a fact. The dojo is radiating seriousness and serenity.

The presence of the Master is imposing. It could not be otherwise. He is the link that binds us to the tradition and conveys knowledge. In his own way, he has the ability as another experienced "technician" to help forge your character. He encourages you to find the strength within you and to continue when you are ready to deposit the weapons. To exceed yourself, and not the others. This counts as success.

From the very first moment that you are in "Yoshukan" dojo of Sensei Pelekis you are treated as equal to equal. The morals and respect that characterize him are "legacy" to his students. Everyone is willing to greet, to welcome you and to help you integrate in their own "family". Without any critical words and second thoughts. Because they are your props.

Exemplified by those and get power to give it your best. So, as you are in such an environment, working out your body, soul and spirit, change is the only way. The past way of thinking is changing. You learn to reduce your ego and in return to consolidate yourself. To seal up your dominion upon your words and deeds. You seek the path that will lead you to the simplicity and respect. You seek sincerity and honesty. Reward the progress and oppose to mediocrity. You learn to work your weaknesses and always try to make it to the end.

Together the students - athletes experience a joint trip. The wonderful journey of knowledge. And as time passes, the knowledge and experience becomes your truth. Finds the space within you and tides over. The qualities that you acquire through such a special place are precious gems in the crown of personal development.

Through small or large daily battles,every one of us is a soldier. A warrior. Strong. And so you learn to withstand. To everything. For everyone. For yourself.

So if out of curiosity, of interest or need your steps bring to our dojo and the "Way of the Warrior", the choice is only yours...

We are all unique from the moment of our birth. Special though will only become whoever dares!

Domo Arigato Sensei
Helen Botsi



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