Wednesday 25 May 2022

Spiros Kouris

Spiridon Kouris was born in Corfu Island on March 1972.
He had his is first contact with martial arts in the age of 15.
On 1989 he moved in Athens and from 1991 until today he practices in Shito ryu Karate Do.

On 1999 he reached the level of Black Belt and became an assistant instructor, teaching in his former teacher’s school.

All these years he has taken part in many demonstrations - championships acquiring twice the second and once the third place in internal club championships and remarkable places in formal Hellenic Federation Championships, with his best performance in World Shito ryu Karate do Championships in Chalkida city on 1998.

On 2009 he became better acquainted with Sensei George Pelekis who along with his teacher Shihan Con Kassis, belong in ″Yoshukan″ family, the name of the personal school of Shito ryu Karate do founder Master Kenwa Mabuni.

He started intensive training in the system’s vocabulary, and on 2011 he gave a test which certified his Black Belt level according to the standards and high expectations of ″Yoshukan″ Dojo, while one year later after further evaluation he acquired the 1st Dan level. At the same time he practiced in the art of Iaido (Japanese Fencing).

Early 2013, he founded the Athletic Association  ″Leon Sherias″ which is a ″Yoshukan″ branch of Corfu, located in Lefkimi area of Corfu island, and it’s goal is to teach the principles and ideals of athletics but also the special Budo way of life through Shito ryu Karate do.  



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