Wednesday 25 May 2022

 The Dojo of Eretria city

A new begining takes place at the new traditional Shito ryu dojo of Eretria, more spesific in "Athletic Association of Karate" Eretrias.

The wish for the founding of the above mentioned Association came from the citizens of the area Eretria in Evia town and has been realized by the association's instructor Argiris Bakas who after many years of experience has managed to create a place of high asthetic as well as practical, where he offers his experience and knowledge in traditional karate.

The Athletic Association of Karate Eretrias was founded on 2012 and its purpose has been the promotion of traditional Japanese Shito ryu karate do in the area.

Belonging in "Mabuni Shito ryu karate do" family, and under the supervision of Shihan Con Kassis and Sensei George Pelekis goes with following the line of teachings of traditional Shito ryu karate as it has been taught by the successor of the style, Kenei Mabuni.















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