Wednesday 25 May 2022

Kenyu Mabuni Biography

3nd Successor of Shito ryu Karate do

Kenyu Mabuni was born on June 4, 1951 in Nishi-ku Osaka city, as the eldest son of the second Soke of Shito ryu, Kenei Mabuni.

From his early childhood, he was found in the dojo at Ikue-cho, Asahi-ku with his grandfather Kenwa and his father Kenei, and practically grew up there where they practiced, while at the age of 3 he started learning Karate by Master Kenei at their home them in Ichioka, Minato-ku.

During elementary school, he practiced Karate with his cousins in the dojo and in Konan high school where he studied, got in the art of Kobudo and specifically of the traditional weapons Sai and Kon, while during the study in high school Otemae, he was taught Kukishinryu Bojutsu from his father.

Also during high school he made an attempt to establish Karate club at the school premises but failed to get permission from his father because there was a difference in style, so he abandoned his activities relating Karate in high school.

In the years of studying in the Technology Institute of Nagoya and Technology Institute of Tokyo, he left the family home and focused on his Technological research while his practice in Karate for a time was purely personal.

In 1979, awarded with a Master degree from the Graduate School of Tokyo Institute of Technology he began working at a consulting firm. In the course of his career as a Consultant, he made many business trips abroad and had the opportunity to meet with activities around Karate, so his enthusiasm in Karate came back and urged him to continue the practice and teaching of the art.

In 1999, when he worked as a Consultant in Hamburg, Germany, during his stay there, he taught Karate, while in the year of 2000, he left the consulting firm and became an independent Consultant. Alongside his work, he practiced Karate and Aikido with his father. In 2004, he officially started teaching Karate to children of junior high school in his place of residence in Hachioji. Since then he has produced champions in Junior Championships and high-level high school players in many Japanese Championships and he teaches Karate regardless of the style, especially kata.

In 2008, he became a member of the Karate Federation in Hachioji where he lives and member of the Karate Federation of Tokyo and JKF (Japan Karate Federation).

He is dedicated both in the transmission of traditional techniques of Karate, and with Karate as a competitive sport, nurturing young Karateka while his teaching is not limited only in Japan but also abroad contributing to the sport's highest level.

After the death of his father Kenei Mabuni in December 2015, according to the tradition, he was anointed the next Soke (successor) of the system in an inauguration ceremony held on February 28, 2016, in Osaka, continuing his father’s and his grandfather’s work which is the spread of the original Shito ryu Karate do worldwide.




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