Wednesday 25 May 2022

The Dojo

The Athletic Association named "The Way of the Warrior" (Bushido), a non-profit-making corporation, was founded in 1992, and since 1997 it has created a rich environment in which the martial arts can flourish. It is recognized by the General Bureau of Athletics, is a member of H.K.F. (Hellenic Karate Federation) and also a member of H.K.I.N.F. (Hellenic Kendo Iaido Naginata Federation) for the art of Iaido.

The club hosts daily classes for all ages of Karate (Shito ryu), Iaido (Tamiya ryu - ZNKR) and Kobudo (Traditional Weapons).


The Association’s target is to create athletes with character, discipline and confidence. It achieves this by the sound methods and hard work of its coaches, who combines tradition martial art with its sport evolution, in a warm and friendly environment.

Athletes of the dojo in Championship 

Since the beginning of the association, many of its students have taken part in martial arts demonstrations, attended numerous training seminars in Greece and abroad, and have participate in National and International Championships with considerable distinction.

George Pelekis & Sensei Con Kassis 

A significant event in the association’s history occurred in 2006, when one of its Shito-ryu karate coaches, George Pelekis, met the world famous Greek-Australian Sensei Con Kassis. George Pelekis was accepted by Sensei Kassis as his student, and since then he has followed with discipline the teaching of the Shito ryu founder, Kenwa Mabuni. Sensei Kassis has been involved in Karate since 1974, and since 1987  has been a personal student of Kenei Mabuni, 10th Dan and Soke (successor) of the founder of Shito-ryu Karate-do. He has been the connecting link of the association with Karate’s Mecca, Japan.

Soke Kenei Mabuni & George Pelekis 

An historical moment for the association was when Sensei Mabuni gave his permission, for it to be the Greek branch of "Yoshukan".

The permission was granted exclusively to George Pelekis following a suggestion of Sensei Con Kassis. "Yoshukan" was the name of the personal dojo, of Kenwa Mabuni, the founder of Shito-ryu Karate-do, which he established in Osaka, Japan. After his death, the title passed to the dojo of his first born son and successor, Kenei Mabuni.




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